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Close-up view of a person repairing the washing machine

Trusted Washing Machine Installation In Leamington Spa

As your dedicated appliance expert at G B Domestics in Leamington Spa, I specialise in seamless domestic appliance installations, focusing on washing machine installation. I bring precision and efficiency to every installation, ensuring your new washing machine integrates seamlessly into your home. From connecting water hoses to electrical wiring, the entire process is handled with expertise, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. Trust my 35 years of hands-on experience for reliable and professional washing machine installations tailored to your needs. Update your laundry routine with my dedicated services, ensuring your domestic appliances are set up for optimal performance.

Seamless Washing Machine Installation Process

View of a person filling out the checklist after repairing the washing machine


Begin with a thorough consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences.

Site Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the installation site, ensuring optimal placement and functionality.

Water & Electrical Connections

Expertly connect water hoses and electrical wiring, ensuring secure and efficient operation.

Integration With Existing Systems

Seamlessly integrate the new washing machine with your home's plumbing and electrical systems.

Testing & Calibration

Conduct rigorous testing and calibration to guarantee the machine's proper functioning and performance.

Final Checks

Perform final checks to ensure all components are in place, addressing potential issues before completion.


Provide a detailed demonstration, guiding you through the operation and maintenance of your newly installed washing machine.

View of a person repairing a white washing machine

Washing Machine Care Tips

View of the inside of a washing machine while washing clothes

Load Wisely:

  • Avoid overloading for efficient washing and spinning.

  • Balance the load for even distribution.

Detergent Dosage:

  • Use recommended detergent to prevent residue.

  • Periodically clean with a washing machine cleaner.

Drum Maintenance:

  • Wipe seals to prevent mould and odours.

  • Leave the door ajar for ventilation.

Lint Filter TLC:

  • Clean after each wash for efficient drainage.

  • Regularly remove lint around the drum.


  • Check hoses for wear or leaks.

  • Ensure a level machine to prevent vibrations.

Deep Cleaning:

  • Run hot water with vinegar for drum cleaning.

  • Use a washing machine descaler for hard water.

View of a person setting the timer on the washing machine

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