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Discover Expert White Goods Repairs In Leamington Spa

Searching for white goods repair services in Leamington Spa? Look no further. I'm your dedicated technician at

G B Domestics, specialising in comprehensive white goods repairs. With over 35 years of experience, I excel in repairing and replacing parts for cookers, stoves, ovens, and more. My expertise extends to all domestic and electrical appliances, ensuring efficient solutions. Whether diagnosing tumble dryer issues or providing essential white goods parts, your satisfaction is my priority. Contact me today for swift and expert repairs in Leamington Spa and nearby areas within a 15-mile radius. Get personalised service at prices discussed over phone.

Appliances Repaired At G B Domestics

Discover unparalleled expertise at G B Domestics, where you can experience quality household electric appliance repairs, parts, and installation. Allow me to be the guardian of your appliances, ensuring they operate at their best and contribute to the smooth functioning of your daily life.

View of a person inspecting the oven

Cookers, Stoves & Ovens

  • Expert repairs and parts replacement for seamless cooking experiences.

  • From faulty burners to malfunctioning ovens, trust us for efficient solutions.

Washing Machines

  • Swift repairs and quality parts to keep your laundry routine uninterrupted.

  • Diagnosing issues and providing reliable solutions for optimal performance.


  • Timely repairs and quality parts to restore your dishwasher's efficiency.

  • Addressing issues like poor cleaning, leaks, and unusual noises.

Fridges & Freezers

  • Timely repairs and quality parts to keep your food stored at the right temperature.

  • Diagnosing issues like cooling problems, leaks, and unusual sounds.

Tumble Dryer

  • Thorough repairs to address common issues and ensure efficient drying.

  • From overheating problems to faulty controls, trust us for reliable solutions.

White Goods

  • Expert repairs for white goods, from diagnostics to efficient solutions.

  • With 35 years of experience, trust us to return your appliances to optimal performance.

View of a person inspecting the fridge

Hassle-Free White Goods Repairs In Leamington Spa. Email Today

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