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Expert Tumble Dryer Repairs In Leamington Spa

If your tumble dryer isn't performing as expected, trust my 35 years of industry experience for swift and effective tumble dryer repairs. At G B Domestics in Leamington Spa, I specialise in quickly identifying and resolving issues with domestic appliances such as dryers, ensuring they operate at their best. From heating issues to mechanical malfunctions, I diagnose and resolve problems promptly. With a reputation for reliability and prompt service, I take pride in delivering quality repairs. Contact me for comprehensive tumble dryer repair services in the local area and within a 15-mile radius. Book an appointment, and let me ensure your laundry routine remains uninterrupted.

Types Of Tumble Dryer Repairs

View of a person hanging clothes outside to let them dry

Poor Drying

Revitalise your tumble dryer's drying efficiency with expert repairs. The process includes meticulously diagnosing and addressing factors contributing to poor drying, ensuring your appliance delivers optimal results and leaves your clothes perfectly dry.

View of faulty bearings

Faulty Bearings

Experience enhanced performance as I repair or replace faulty bearings in your tumble dryer. Enjoy a quieter and smoother operation, prolonging the life of your appliance and minimising disruptions in your laundry routine.

Close-up view of the front of the washing machine

Jockey Wheels Faulty Or Worn

Say goodbye to disruptions caused by worn or faulty jockey wheels. As a skilled technician, I ensure the seamless rotation of your tumble dryer's drum, promoting consistent and reliable performance.

View of a person loading the washing machine

Overheating Or Burning

Ensure the safety of your home by addressing concerns of overheating or burning in your tumble dryer. The repairs focus on resolving these issues, allowing your appliance to operate safely and efficiently.

View of a person inspecting the belt of the washing machine

Snapped Belt

Restore your tumble dryer's functionality by replacing snapped belts. As an expert technician I ensure the proper rotation of the drum, preventing further damage and extending the life of your appliance.

View of a person inspecting the blockage in the washing machine


Count on me to identify and clear blockages hindering optimal airflow in your tumble dryer. This thorough approach ensures that your appliance operates efficiently, delivering effective and timely drying results.

View of a washing machine fully loaded with clothes

Drum Not Spinning

I'll diagnose and rectify issues causing the drum to stop spinning in your tumble dryer. I ensure a swift and effective resolution, allowing your appliance to function smoothly and maintain its essential spinning action.

Email Me - For Emergency Tumble Dryer Repairs In Leamington Spa.

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